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  • 2011 Web Site and Identity

    May 10, 2011 Centerline, Inc. goes live with new web site (http://www.centerline-inc.com) and identity. The purpose of both being to simplify the direct flow of information between Centerline, Inc. and our customers. The information presented on the Centerline web properties has been simplified and reorganized to allow customers faster access to more relevant information. http://www.centerline-inc.com Desktop, mobile ...
  • Kessler Spindle Repairs

    Centerline repairs Franz Kessler high frequency spindles for a fraction of the price of new or exchange. In addition to Centerline’s expertise with Kessler spindle repairs, our Kessler parts manufacturing capabilities sometimes provide a way back to production for customers stuck with a long delivery from the factory. Franz Kessler / Deckel Maho Spindle Repair and Parts ...
  • Hurco Spindle Repair Partners

    Centerline Inc is a Hurco spindle repair partner for the Americas. Centerline enjoys the full support of Hurco with engineering information and parts supplies to support our best in class spindle repair services. If your Hurco spindle is in need of repair, Hurco will sometimes have the spindle you need in stock and offers core exchange ...
  • OKK Spindle Repairs and Manufacturing

    Trust Centerline, Inc.’s wealth of spindle repair knowledge, experience, excellent turnaround time, and parts manufacturing capabilities when you have an OKK machine down or spindle in need of expert repair. Centerline can often deliver spindle parts, and fully-renewed spindles quicker than OEMs, especially when you’d dealing with an older model who’s OEM support is winding ...
  • Spindle Repair Cloud

    A couple of interesting visualizations using tag clouds or word clouds using the Wordle and TagCrowd websites. A listing of spindles that have come through our shop for repair since our modern record-keeping began roughly ten years ago. The greater the frequency of the repair of a particular brand, the larger the brand name in the ...
  • Mitsubishi Spindle Repair Experts

    Mitsubishi machine tool spindle repairs often require obscure knowledge and robust manufacturing capabilities due to the growing age and obsolescence of many Mitsubishi spindle models. Centerline’s Library of spindle information is second to none world-wide with a great deal of information archived on many Mitsubishi spindle models. In addition to our extensive knowledge base, Centerline has a fair amount ...