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Since Henninger’s founding in 1956, the company has made a mark with innovative product developments in the international engineering industry. Products include Angle Heads, Spindle Speeder, Center Grinding Machines, Spindles & Dead/Live Centers.

All Henninger tools are developed, designed and manufactured at our company in Straubenhardt Germany, between Karlsruhe and Stuttgart. Pioneers in terms of quality, flexibility, productivity, service and precision.

Angle Heads

Our Angle Heads offer solutions for:

  • undercuts
  • difficult to access process position
  • processing within bore holes
  • missing axes

We produce a variety of different Angle Heads:

  • Milling Head
  • 90° static
  • ± 90° adjustable
  • Z – Shape
  • Custom Solutions

Spindle Speeders

Our maintenance-free high-speed spindles have been in use successfully for many years. You can increase the speed of your existing machine up to 50,000 rpm! The service life of your tools will be considerably extended. The processing time of work pieces decreases significantly.

Different ratios from 1:3 to 1:8, depending on the size of the spindle, allow for many different application possibilities:

  • HSC milling
  • engravings
  • grinding work
  • work on smallest holes Ø 0,1 mm
  • deep-hole drilling

Furthermore the ratio brings another positive side effect. The main machine spindle can be operated with significantly lower speed hence the life of the main spindle increases.

The high-speed spindle speeders can be changed automatically & manually.

Special Solutions

Besides our continuous series we enjoy focusing on client-oriented and custom-made products to offer you the product that is the most productive, efficient and reliable in your situation.

The custom development and design of so far more than 600 variations of Angle Heads and 400 variations of Spindles has made it possible for us to gather an abundance of experience when it comes to finding special solutions.

Whether you have only a rough idea of what you are looking for – or whether you already know exactly what you want: Henninger is looking forward to creating a perfect product for you!

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