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Centerline Facilities

Spindle repair requires highly specialized climate controlled facilities that are free from contaminants, specialized tools and metrology equipment as well as specialized quality control stations for running and checking repaired spindle units.

Centerline facilities have dedicated spindle repair work spaces for

  • Disassembly and Evaluation
  • Machining and Grinding shop
  • Spacer Working area
  • Balancing Station
  • Spindle Assembly/Clean room
  • Quality Control area

In addition to the core spindle repair facilities listed above Centerline has dedicated, specialized spaces for spindle storage, shipping container construction, shipping and receiving as well as office and computer systems areas.

Specialized Spindle Repair Equipment

Specialized equipment for measuring ID, OD diameters, straightness, roundness, parallelism, cylindricity, concentricity, angularity, symmetry, circular runout, total runout, perpindicularity, conical tapers, countersink, depth, radius includes:

  • OD micrometers
  • ID micrometers
  • Bore Gauges
  • Depth Gauges
  • Snap micrometers
  • Test indicators
  • Dial Comparators
  • Digital Height Measuring
  • Rockwell hardness testing
  • Vibration Analysis
  • Hoffman, Schenck and IRD balancing equipment