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Spindle Retrofits

Spindle retrofits can sometimes be the key to decreasing spindle repair frequency while increasing spindle performance. Spindle retrofits should always be the result of careful engineering consideration. Common retrofitting can include (but is not limited to):

  • Bearings – Number of bearings, mounting arrangements, bearing materials, bearing race profiles, lubrication and sealing can all be factors that affect specific differing spindle applications and repair price.
  • Lubrication – Sealed spindles with measured grease fills, oil, and oil/air lubrication solutions offer advantages and disadvantages to be considered and aligned with optimal price and performance.
  • Sealing – What costs more, a spindle slowed due to contact seals, or a faster spindle using a non-contact seal type that is more susceptible to contamination problems?
  • Cooling – Decreasing your spindle’s operating temperatures can increase bearing performance and life cycles while stabilizing operating values that affect dimensional considerations in your spindle and work pieces.

Find the Balance

A spindle retrofit is almost always an act of finding the perfect balance between savings, performance and safety. Centerline’s engineering experience can find this balance for you, contact us to handle your spindle retrofit project.

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