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Spindle Types Repaired

Centerline’s spindle repair service includes all spindle types from the simplest belt driven grinding spindle to complicated high frequency spindles and related hydraulic, pneumatic, electrical, tool holding, cooling and condition monitoring gear.

Spindle Applications


  • Grinding Spindles
  • Routing Spindles
  • Boring Spindles
  • Drilling Spindles
  • Milling Spindles
  • Engraving Spindles
Types of Spindles


  • Belt Driven Spindles
  • Gear Driven Spindles
  • High Frequency Spindles
  • Motorized Spindles
  • Mechanical Spindle Speeders
  • Air Speeders
  • Motorized Speeders
  • Angle Heads


  • Frequency Drives
  • Chiller/Cooling Units
  • Motor Elements
  • Collets and Tool Holders
  • Pulleys