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Kessler Spindle Repairs

Centerline repairs Franz Kessler high frequency spindles for a fraction of the price of new or exchange.

In addition to Centerline’s expertise with Kessler spindle repairs, our Kessler parts manufacturing capabilities sometimes provide a way back to production for customers stuck with a long delivery from the factory.

Franz Kessler / Deckel Maho Spindle Repair and Parts Manufacturing

  • DMG Kessler 000.626.434
  • Kessler 000.613.940
  • Kessler DMS 100.AL.4.FOS / Deckel Maho DMC100V
  • Kessler DMS 100.AL.4.FOS-M-2
  • Kessler DMS 112.36.4.FOS
  • Kessler DMS 112.AL.4.FDS
  • Kessler KSS70 shaft manufacture
  • Kessler KSS80 shaft manufacture
  • Kessler SMS 080.32.4.FOS
  • Kessler/ Deckel Maho E81.259103 752